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Bryan O'Rourke

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Game theory is applied mathematics enabling an evaluation of strategic decisions.  Win loose or Win Win: its a choice based on our beliefs and the  perceived nature of our relationships.  As the networks of interdependence within and beyond communities and nations get more complex, the more enlightened people are forced in their own interests to find non-zero-sum solutions. That is, win-win solutions instead of win-lose solutions. In leadership the measure of success is not so much whether you won at anothers expense, but whether you got what you wanted because you enabled other people to achieve their dreams and to do what they want. Learn more about how the Non Zero solution is key to traversing enormous revolutionary change. If your relationships are not based on Non Zero sums they cannot be productive long term in this day and age. Watch Clinton's brief talk a... (more)

Welch, This Oracle Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Organizations and their leaders can react in different ways during tough times. With many industries experiencing tumultuous and fundamental change compounded by recession, it is more daunting then ever for leaders to understand what the best choices are for the future. From Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions to Collin’s Good to Great , theories abound regarding the relevant paths to success. Such uncertainty makes the advice of those who have “been there and done that” quite refreshing. Jack Welch should be the “poster child” for such enlightened an... (more)

What is So Great About Private Health Insurance?

Most significant challenges deserve objective analysis based on economic principals. Supply and demand being at the core. Things costing to much ? The explaination is usually a lack of competition or artifical restrictions among alternative options for buyers. Not enough supply ? Barriers to entry , government restrictions or diminishing prospects for profit can be at the root. Interestingly, when it comes to health care what people pay for and what they get is at the core of the problem and private insurance intermediaries are profiting from market inefficiencies. In the end the... (more)

Change & The Illusion of Knowledge

Daniel Boorstin, author and historian, was right when he observed that, "the greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance: its the illusion of knowledge." Its true; to realize the potential this exciting time of change offers requires letting go of certain past assumptions. Disengaging from old thinking enables a consideration and potential adoption of innovations impossible before but central to driving new opportunities. When evaluating every industry today, the primary barriers to moving ahead toward a positive future have much more to do with interests vested in the past t... (more)

Google Goggles - Merging the Physical and Digital

The merging of the physical and digital worlds continues and Google Goggles is but another example of how the surge in mobile devices, GPS, Internet ubiquity, and more powerful search technologies are coming together to deliver new experiences and new business opportunities. The implications are profound and can be humorously reflected upon by taking some time to watch this demo from Pattie Maes' MIT lab, which got a lot of buzz at TED a few years ago. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some..... As Harmut Neven, the project manager of the product explains: Imagine you’re a ... (more)